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27 November 2015
Spotlight on: Peckham
  • 27/11/2015 — 27/11/2015


    Friday 27 November, 6-8.30pm Process and Politics Plenary where the artists of Harnessing the Wind discuss their work chaired by Dr Rachel Garfield. as part of SLAMFriday Buy your ticket here:[...]
  • 27/11/2015 — 27/11/2015

    Hotel Elephant

    On November the 27th, Hotel Elephant will be hosting Chocolate Films for week 3 of their 1000 Londoners series, screening 'Fight Club'. This November, Chocolate Films are offering three screening programmes, giving an insight to the parts of the c[...]
  • 02/11/2015 — 22/12/2015

    ASC Gallery

    I watched as the thrower of the stone attempts to skim it across flat water. -It has been proven that a 20° angle is the best to achieve this. As the stone leaves the hand it curves towards the water and its first impact leaves its first sp[...]
  • 27/11/2015 — 27/11/2015


    'Bliss Botanic' Mary Delaney Friday 27 November, 7.00- 9.00pm ‘Bliss Botanic’: Mary Delany’s art of paper mosaic Cactus grandiflorus or Melon thistle, 1778. Collage of coloured papers, with water colour on black ink background. Height:[...]
  • 10/11/2015 — 05/12/2015


    Tarnished presents the work of these two contrasting artists as they orchestrate permutations of tarnish, lustre and luminosity in a range of new works on paper, canvas, video and installation, confirming this ancient technique as a vital medium in[...]
  • 20/11/2015 — 20/12/2015


    cueB is proud to present 'I'm recycled sunlight ' a new body of work by artist Drew Sinclair. In the exhibition Sinclair explores the connection between two forms of knowledge: Science and Spirituality. These are often assumed to be unrelated t[...]
  • 27/11/2015 — 06/12/2015

    APT Gallery

    GIFT A wide selection of work ranging from drawings, paintings and prints to ceramics and sculptures will be available to buy over the last weekend of November and the first weekend of December. Please join us for this sale of work by A.P.T Ar[...]
  • 11/11/2015 — 05/12/2015


    DRIFT 06.11.15 - 05.12.15 BEARSPACE is pleased to present Drift, a group exhibition featuring the works of Jane Ward, Lucinda Metcalfe and Alastair Gordon. In bringing together pieces by these three artists, Drift looks to explore the notion o[...]
  • 02/10/2015 — 29/11/2015

    South London Gallery

    For her solo show at the SLG, Thea Djordjadze has created a new sculptural installation in direct response to the specific character of the main exhibition space. It represents the latest development in an art practice which she sees as being a conti[...]
  • 02/10/2015 — 29/10/2016

    South London Gallery

    Heather and Ivan Morison’s exhibition documents their 2013-15 project Shadow Curriculum, as part of SLG Local. The artists worked in close partnership over a two year period with teachers and students at Highshore School, a mixed needs special seco[...]
  • 25/10/2015 — 29/11/2015

    The Peckham Pelican

    Mel Gibson seemed awesome, but now is he just a troubled Jesus-Nazi ? The Rise and Fall of Gel Mibson~ What glories and pathos, what tragedy and embarrassment, what beauty and ugliness. Head cracking violence, Post-dramatic-stress-outs, matey[...]
  • 10/11/2015 — 10/12/2015

    The London Arts Board

    Lee Maelzer’s are paintings of familiar things, urban clutter, dust and detritus, pedestrian interiors - imbued with a sense of the uncanny and the cinematic. The idea of sifting through rubble to find treasure, beauty or meaning, acknowledging [...]
  • 11/11/2015 — 19/12/2015

    Hannah Barry Gallery

    We are excited to open the fourth solo exhibition at the gallery by Bobby Dowler (b. 1983, London, lives and works in Paris). “For the last few years I have continued re-forming ‘paintings’ and their ‘stretcher-frame-devices’ as objects [...]
  • 25/11/2015 — 29/11/2015


    Exhibition of mixed media works at Safehouse 1 139 Copeland Road, Peckham, London SE15 3SN A show inspired by the beauty of mould creeping across a wall, where paint brushes and scrubbing brushes could be interchangeable, and letters with smudge[...]
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