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24 June 2016
Spotlight on: Bermondsey
  • 24/06/2016 — 03/07/2016

    Tannery Projects

    TABLE is an evolving exhibition of prototypes, works-in-progress and events that address the theme of the table as social and material form. The project brings together a group of very different artists, creating a situation that emphasises an open-e[...]
  • 19/06/2016 — 14/08/2016

    Drawing Room

    Deliberately ambiguous, S.T.A.T.E. suggests multiple meanings, both within its acronym and its etymology : a delineated space governed by a unifying structure; a psychological platform that engenders an introspective mind-set; a variable condition us[...]
  • 03/06/2016 — 02/07/2016


    Artists: Nigel Bird, Jack Ginno, David Minton and Marcia Teusink Neutrality isn’t inert. It’s alive with nuance There is no denying the superficial meaning of this exhibition title – these works are gritty. But move beyond the surface an[...]
  • 24/06/2016 — 26/06/2016

    CGP London

    [1] Special late opening as part of SLAM Fridays. Both venues will be open until 20:30 on Friday, 24 June. GRAHAM FAGEN // THE MIGHTY SCHEME FOR THE THIRD IN A SERIES OF COLLABORATIONS, MATT’S GALLERY & CGP LONDON PRESENT THE MIGHTY SCH[...]
  • 09/06/2016 — 23/07/2016


    MMX Gallery is pleased to present a solo show by British artist and photographer Michael Jackson. The exhibition will showcase a selection of unique luminograms from his recent project The Self Representation of Light. Alongside the luminogram prints[...]
  • 24/06/2016 — 01/07/2016

    Lewisham Arthouse

    Rory Biddulph | Kate Hubbell curated by Xenia Langlois The theme of the exhibition comes from the artists’ combined interest in portraying the effects of social and cultural identification through analogy and absurdity. Both artists are gradu[...]
  • 02/10/2015 — 29/10/2016

    South London Gallery

    Heather and Ivan Morison’s exhibition documents their 2013-15 project Shadow Curriculum, as part of SLG Local. The artists worked in close partnership over a two year period with teachers and students at Highshore School, a mixed needs special seco[...]
  • 01/06/2016 — 26/06/2016

    The Peckham Pelican

    A Film We’re All Writing Artist Ocean Bones (aka Philly Hunt) presents a small selection of scenarios, characters and themes from a visual ‘eco-epic’ she is writing about environmental degradation, how it came about and continues to be enabl[...]
  • 15/05/2016 — 26/06/2016

    M2 Gallery

    Six paintings; shown over six weeks, a new one shown each week. Influenced by maps, aerial photography and the landscape around his East London studio, Matthew Webber creates oil- and acrylic- based paintings that are constructed, layer by layer, [...]
  • 16/06/2016 — 16/07/2016

    The London Arts Board

    12-20-11 is part of Elisha's series of paintings exploring fire. Using brushstrokes to create a beautiful and impressionistic depiction of the intense heat, the grief and loss, as well as the excitement, involved in a house fire. She studied at th[...]
  • 09/06/2016 — 31/07/2016

    Bosse and Baum

    #ecology #technology #autonomy #art #sustainability # #artificialarcadia Artificial Arcadia, will serve as forum for events and workshops, a performance space, and platform for artworks that emerge from current concerns with cultivation and envir[...]
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