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26 August 2016
Spotlight on: Deptford X
  • 27/07/2016 — 28/08/2016

    Jerwood Space

    Lucy Parker, Rachel Pimm and Katie Schwab will each present a body of newly commissioned work. They were among a number of artists nominated by Jerwood Visual Arts’ former Writers in Residence, and were selected by Sarah Williams, Head of Programme[...]
  • 26/08/2016 — 26/08/2016

    Jerwood Space

    Katie Schwab invites Deep Throat Choir to perform a series of covers live within her Jerwood Solo Presentations commission. Schwab’s installation explores the ‘cover’ as a form of homage and dedication to the work of female designers, artists a[...]
  • 15/08/2016 — 04/09/2016

    Skylark Galleries 1 & 2

    Carol Edgar is featured artist in Skylark Gallery, Gabriels Wharf, 15 th August to 4 th September showing a collection of semi abstract acrylic paintings largely based on urban and rural landscapes.Meet the artist at our next 'Late night Friday' [...]
  • 28/07/2016 — 28/08/2016

    DX Gallery

    In June, Deptford X asked curators to send us a proposal for DX Gallery: the open call is an opportunity to realise experimental public works or an ambitious project within our lengthy shop-window style gallery that is viewable to the public 24/7. [...]
  • 21/08/2016 — 11/09/2016

    Gossamer Fog

    The recent advancement of science and technology has left humanity in a period where the unification of seemingly incompatible subjects is creating entities that are wholly unnatural hybrids. This age could be signified through the proliferation of e[...]
  • 02/10/2015 — 29/10/2016

    South London Gallery

    Heather and Ivan Morison’s exhibition documents their 2013-15 project Shadow Curriculum, as part of SLG Local. The artists worked in close partnership over a two year period with teachers and students at Highshore School, a mixed needs special seco[...]
  • 15/08/2016 — 04/09/2016

    The Peckham Pelican

    Lack a place. That wet gross moss you’re staring at - engrossed. What do you stand to gain from it? We speak because silence is displacement And the empty is non-existent in the heart of the metropolis. An aroma of change is in the air and it[...]
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