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SLAM Fridays
Exhibition: The London Arts Board
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The Corner of Vestry Road and Peckham Road,
London SE5 8QL
– 16.05.2017
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Painting by Joshua Armitage

Joshua Armitage’s work mainly consists of painting and drawing but expands to include experimental filmmaking and collage. After studying drawing under Martin Morris at the Royal College of Art, he became increasingly interested in the ideas and philosophies of artists like Roy Oxlade, Robert Henri and David Bomberg. His work is a search for images that are immediate whilst also absorbing.

The paintings he makes begin as observational drawings. He believes that the shapes, forms and gestures collected in these drawings are far more interesting than those he could invent but he is then free to use these as he wishes pushing these observations sometimes towards abstraction.

His interest lies in the paradox between images of an observational nature holding something interesting but the photo realist painting being pushed so far that it is lacking in something.

This particular painting is loosely based on a painting by David Hockney called Bolton Junction. “I grew up not far from Bradford in a town called Dewsbury and the painting I did is a study of Hockney's work mixed with my own observations.”

Joshua Armitage recently graduated from the Royal College of Art, London.

You can see more of his work here:
You can view this exhibition here online, on Facebook or in person on the corner of Vestry Road and Peckham Road, Camberwell, London SE5.

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