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Review: Deptford X & New Map
Deptford X and New Map Out The last few SLAM maps have vanished from plastic holders, information boxes and cafes around South London. Fear not! The next edition of the South London Art Map is on its way featuring over 25 new galleries which have opened in the six months since we launched! Quite timely as there is no better time to visit South London than now, as the annual ‘Deptford X’ hits the streets, shops, galleries and studios in the Deptford area. This year Hew Locke and Indra Kahn have selected a varied programme of events, projects and exhibitions, ahead of leading the programme in 2012. To give you a preview of some of the highlights, don’t miss the Deptford X Billboard project ‘Street Gallery,’ with selected works by emerging artists, ‘The Deptford Biscuit’ being served on Sunday 1 October and Zoe Walker & Neil Bromwich’s film ‘Dancing Borders’ screening at the Lewisham Arthouse. Do pop in to visit BEARSPACE, showing new works by artist/chef Matthew Mc Guiness on Tea Towels sourced from London’s top restaurants. Why not visit Last Fridays on 30 September, from 6-8pm when all galleries are open, or take a SLAM tour on the Friday evening or Saturday afternoon (see the Tour section for further details). Julia Alvarez, Director SLAM
Preview: Bankside
Bankside Preview On Friday 30th September on the southern shores of the river Thames in the heart of Bankside, Bicha Gallery is exhibiting a new show by Botswana artist, Ann Mary Gollifer. Aptly titled, Living on an Horizon, this solo exhibition from a series of large format paintings deals with colour, space and scale as an attempt to capture the Botswana skies and Ann’s love affair with the horizon. If you’ve read any of the Anthony McCall Detective Agency novels you should have a good idea of what she means. On the same night, there is also the UK book launch of ‘I don’t know why I was created’, a biography of internationally celebrated Naro artist from Botswana Coex\'ae Qgam – known as Dada. After party hosted by Bicha Gallery and Skylark Gallery at Studio 6
Venue Spotlight: Hannah Barry, Peckham
Hannah Barry, Peckham Hannah Barry, now one of the more established galleries in Peckham, is hosting a three artists show at its Peckham location. The space, which began as a semi-squat, semi-living, semi-gallery space, eventually morphed into an official gallery space approximately three years ago. The gallery has a natural fluidity and although the works of each artist are very different they flow naturally into each room. Odd Paintings, by artist Bobby Dowler features works that are part-assemblages, part-paintings, showcasing the artist’s inclination towards a creative indeterminacy. The artist describes the works as “unified objects that masquerade on the wall like paintings”. Since 2009 Bobby Dowler’s work has revolved around making artworks using found oil paint, old wood and second-hand canvas retrieved from the city or bought at London street markets. These new Odd Paintings are the product of the artist’s appraising, anatomising, manipulating and synthesising the materials into new objects. Image: Bobby Dowler Also on show: Fleet by James Capper. 192.168.13[MONSTROcity] by Viktor Timofeev. Shows on at Hannah Barry from September 15th until October 16th. Image copyright of Hannah Barry Gallery
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