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V22 is an art organisation, with a shared ownership structure, which specialises in the collection of contemporary art, the production of exhibitions, events and educational initiatives, and the provision of artists’ studios and artisans' workshops.

Broadly, there are three main career needs of artists: a place to work, a way to show their art, and collectors to buy and look after their art.

Artists will always be at the forefront of contemporary thought and V22 believes that artists need more direct input into the wider art ecology. We aim to enable this through our shared ownership structure.

V22 programmes a regular series of events: Summer Club is a peripatetic project that presents events, exhibitions, performances and screenings in collaboration with invited programming partners, from our network, and from local areas in which the Summer Club occurs. Young London is an exhibition programme that showcases work from graduate and emerging artists in London.


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180 Ilderton Rd


SE15 1NT


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